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CranioSacral & Osteopathic Bodywork Healing For Adults & Children

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Craniosacral Work is an evolution out of Cranial Osteopathy, a specialization of the osteopathic profession that was introduced to the world in the 1930s by an American osteopath and visionary named William Garner Sutherland.

Craniosacral work has traditionally focused on the 22 bones that make up the human head, the vertebra and sacrum, and also on the brain, the central nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the system of membranes inside the cranium and spinal column. The CranioSacral Therapist essentially helps the body release restrictions – which it has been unable to overcome on its own – that inhibit the body’s normal, self-correcting tendencies.

Visionary CranioSacral Therapy--For A Clear Mind, Open Heart & Free Body!

Adult & Pediatric Sessions