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~The biggest compliment you can give is to refer your friends and family~


I have known Vidya since she began studies with me and the Milne Institute in 2001. Vidya is a remarkable woman who brings compassion, presence and technical precision to her work.
She took her final exam sequence with me, including giving me one of the best craniosacral sessions in forty years of being involved in this field. I have no hesitation in recommending Vidya in the highest possible terms.


Hugh Milne D.O. (U.K.)


I came to Vidya after being rear-ended by two cars. I had layers of soft-tissue trauma combined with shoulder, rib and back injuries. After our first cranial session, I started unwinding immediately and I knew I would be able to fully recover in her caring hands. Vidya draws on an extensive repertoire of treatment modalities, so no two sessions are the same. Each session seems tailored to my specific needs in the moment. She is so responsive, especially to my unspoken needs, that I feel truly seen. Every move Vidya makes is intentional, purposeful and connected. Time seems to expand. There is no rushing. Every detail is attended as she guides me into deep and profound awareness of how all the different parts of my body are related and interacting. Vidya’s attention is absolutely consistent. Her attitude is warm, friendly and professional; her personal presence is beautiful and radiant. At the end of each session I emerge from the treatment feeling closer to my own personal beauty and thoroughly renewed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A.L. MacBean
San Rafael, CA
Spring 2010


Dear Vidya,
Words cannot express my gratitude to you. Diagnosed with TMJ over twenty years ago, I had always been told that it was an unfortunate physical reality for me and that I would probably need to find ways to manage the pain and discomfort for the rest of my life. Having sought a number of traditional and alternative treatments, including arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy, maxillofacial splints, prescription medication, ultrasound therapy, and acupuncture, to no long-term avail, I started to believe that this was indeed my fate. Then someone suggested something I had not yet tried: craniosacral therapy. It was truly a blessing that I crossed your path shortly thereafter. This beautifully subtle approach (no doubt combined with your own amazing healing gifts!) proved more effective for me than any other. I am happy, and somewhat astonished, to report that I have been pain- and pressure-free for over 18 months!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Annissa Hambouz


Vidya Treat is a visionary practitioner of craniosacral therapy. She's done great healing work for me on several occasions. He recommends her!
Vidya has one office in San Francisco and another just to the north, in Marin County.
Rob Brezney


OMG...I just had my first session with Vidya for my neck and back pain. She is amazing! my neck was not too horrible to begin with, but my back was in REALLY bad shape. I could not stand up straight for almost a week. But now, I can walk normally (pain is not gone, but reduced dramatically). As she was loosening my body, I felt like I was floating on air....ahhh....I am so going back!! Thanks Vidya :D
Megumi S.
Feb 2010


In December, 2008, I woke up on a Friday morning with my first case ever of acute pain in my backside, following several months of gradual worsening. I spent the weekend lying around the house, wondering what in the world I was going to do the following week. My mother mentioned the idea of cranio-sacral therapy, so I got online, and lo and behold, Vidya Treat in downtown Fairfax!
I made my kids sit in the waiting room for 2 hours after school while I received the relief I desperately needed from a woman with hands that were to be my cure. Literally, 3 visits later, and my problem was gone, after having plagued me for nearly a year! It's 1.5 years hence, and it's never been back. Another first: I'm now going to see Vidya on a regular basis - self, family, community - you gotta do it all or what's the point? Vidya Treat is a healer!
P. Brastow 2015